Easy To Follow Steps For Hotmail Sign In


Hotmail is one of the most reliable emails on the internet. There are less bugs and a lot of companies and websites trust hotmail. Therefore, people love to use hotmail. However, there are instances when people are having trouble signing in to hotmail. Before they even decide to sign in to hotmail, they must make sure that they have setup a hotmail account or use a phone number or got a Skype account. Once they have any of these, they can start signing in to hotmail. Here are some easy to follow steps for hotmail sign in.

  1. Go to outlook.com – This is the official homepage for hotmail. You need to open a browser and type outlook.com. You need to wait until the website appears in the browser.
  1. Click sign in – There are two major options which are “sign up” and “sign in”. “Sign up” button is for those who want to setup a hotmail account. Use the “sign in” button as you already got a hotmail account.
  1. Type in the username – You will be asked to type in the username of the account. It can be your hotmail address, your mobile number or a Skype ID. The mobile number and Skype ID are the recent extensions allowed in hotmail sign in. However, it is better to have a hotmail email address.
  1. Put password – Next is you need to type in the password of the account. Make sure you type in the right password. The password is case sensitive which means the uppercase letters are different from lowercase letters. Type in the password just like you registered. You can click “Forget password” or “I can’t sign in” button in case you can’t remember the right password.
  1. Check or uncheck “Keep me signed in” box – Below the password field has an option of keeping your account signed in on your mobile phone or computer. Check this so that you do not need to sign in every time you go to hotmail. Uncheck this if you only want to access hotmail in the computer once.
  1. Click sign in – Now you can sign in to your account. Just click the “Sign in” button and wait for your account page to appear. This is the final step of the sign in process.
  1. Navigate your hotmail – Now you can navigate your hotmail whether go to the inbox to read emails or send an email or file.

Now you can access your hotmail. Get more info here!


What to Remember when Signing in your Emails


A very important and useful form of communication for personal, business and leisure aside from social Medias is email. Having an email address means that you are able to connect to different websites, subscribe, purchase, send your requests, and a lot more. In fact, everyone who is using the Internet must have at least one email address to maintain.

For instance, you want to join a specific online forum. Before you can even join, you are required or asked for your email address. Otherwise, you will not be able to sign in.

Because email addresses are in demand and mandatory when using the Internet, you need to be very careful and vigilant. Therefore, you need to know the “what should” and “should not” when signing and using your email addresses.

First of all, you need to secure your safety. Since you are asked for your personal details when you sign up for any email websites, you need to secure your details and to do that, you have to be extra careful in signing in your email addresses.

First tip is to at least sign in using your own gadgets. For instance, if you have your mobile phones, tablets or laptops, it is advisable that these are the only gadgets you are ever going to sign in with your email address. This way, the chances of your email address being hacked is minimal. The risk of signing in to different gadgets is very high and prone to hacking since you don’t know the server of the gadget you are using and worse, it might already contain worms and viruses that can hack anything.

Also, using other gadgets or devices is also dangerous because you might be able to forget to sign out and if another user will use the same device, that person can immediately access all your files. You need to remember that your email address is also similar to your personal diary. Every private and confidential detail about yourself and your accounts are dependent to your email.

Aside from gadget limitation, you also need to have additional security feature for your email. There are already email providers that offer and recommends additional security feature before you are able to sign in to your account. Example of which is when you are asked additional personal question before you are lead to the main page of your email. This is very important to avail, though.

How to Sign Into Your Hotmail Account


One way to keep up with instant messaging and communication is by getting yourself an email. You can get free online email services from various webmail services, Hotmail being a popular one. Windows Live Hotmail is now called “Outlook” or “Outlook.com” and provided by Microsoft free of charge to anyone who wished to utilize it. One can access it from any web browser from any location, anywhere in the world.

Before you can sign in or login on Hotmail, you must first register or create an account. In order to do so follow the steps below:

  1. Start any web browser.


  1. Go to the Hotmail website from this link and you would see the options to sign in or sign up with a Hotmail address and with Windows Live. Choose the “Create one!” option below the “Next” button.
  1. Fill out the necessary fields in the sign up page with information such as your personal information, contact information, and etc.
  1. Answer the Captcha given. This is to prevent spam.
  1. Check the “Send me promotional offers from Microsoft.” box if you want to receive updates from them. Uncheck it if you are not interested in receiving updates and offers from Microsoft.
  1. Select the button “Create Account”. Take note that when clicking the “Create Account” button, you would have to agree to the agreements and statements given by Microsoft. It is not necessary to read them but you would have to agree to them in order to utilize their services.

Once you have finished signing up, you can now sign in and access your Hotmail emails by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the Hotmail website.
  1. You will be prompted to enter either the email you signed up with, the phone number you signed up with, or with your Skype name.
  1. Select the “Next” button.
  1. You would be prompted to enter the password for the account that you have entered above. If you have enabled the “remember my password on this site” option, it is not necessary to enter your password unless you changed it.
  1. You can select to check the box for “Keep me signed in” in order for the system to not log you out whenever you exit the website. This allows you to revisit the website anytime you want as long as the computer has not been shut off at the period.
  2. If you forgot your password, you can click the blue link “Forgot my password” to recover your account password.
  3. Select the “Sign In” button. And you are done!